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Health Travel, also known as medical travel or medical tourism, is the process of traveling abroad to obtain general medical, dental or cosmetic surgery at costs often significantly lower than those found in the U.S. health care system.
It is estimated that more than 2 million Americans have already traveled abroad for medical care. Experts predict the health travel market will explode in the next few years, with 6 million U.S. patients per year traveling abroad for health care.
Health travel is absolutely safe with a reputable company to a civilized and well developed country. We encourage everyone to do thoroughly research the available options before deciding to book medical travel abroad. When in doubt, use our community forum for advice from other health travelers. We do everything possible to provide high quality service to our customers. Hungary is part of the European Union. As such she complies with all international standards and rules.
  • Cost – treatment overseas often comes at a fraction of what it would cost in Western countries
  • Quality of service – the personalised attention medical tourists receive from overseas medical and nursing staff can be reason in itself to avoid the impersonal, numbers-driven medical system at home
  • No waiting – even for elective procedures available through the public healthcare system at home, treatment abroad can be a way of avoiding long waiting lists
  • Anonymity/privacy – many people travelling for surgery like the fact that they can recover discreetly; as far as friends, family and acquaintances are concerned, they have just been overseas for a holiday
  • Existing travel plans – if you’re already planning a trip to somewhere like Europe you can arrange a low-cost, high-quality medical or dental procedure while you’re there
Facilities and doctors overseas are able to provide healthcare at a lower cost without compromising on quality for a number of reasons. These include lower medical indemnity insurance premiums, lower labour costs coupled with a lower overall cost of living.
This depends on the individual procedure. During your initial pre-travel consultation, your surgeon will advise you about the minimum length of stay in hospital and recommended recovery time. On discharge from the hospital, you will need to report back to your surgeon before you can depart.
Patients can stay as long as they like after their treatment is complete. Many choose to travel around their destination country. At Health Travel Hungary,  your health and wellbeing is our first priority. We want to ensure that there are no complications and that you have fully recovered and fly back home safely with a positive outcome.
Apart from the convenience of being able to deal with one organisation for all your travel and medical needs, there are other advantages of working with a reputable medical tourism facilitator like Health Travel Hungary. 
We’ve met and built relationships with the facilities and doctors we work with, taking the guesswork out of the process. As a company we can also achieve discounts that a person would not be able to take advantage of by themselves.
No. We understand that health care can be a costly issue. The fact that the price you’ll face in Hungary is 50-80% less than what you’d pay at home is a major advantage which allowes you to even receive treatments that are not included in your regular health care insurance or you otherwise couldn’t afford.
Your Basic travel insurance will not cover you for any procedures not related to accidents and other loss accured while on a trip. However we advise you to hold an isurance policy for traveling purposes.
If you can’t find the procedure or treatment you need in our healthcare network, please contact us. Our site only lists the most popular procedures, but the world class hospitals in our network provide a very broad range of medical procedures. Whatever the procedure you need, we will do our best to help you find a reliable, experienced provider to perform it.
You should certainly discuss your health travel plans in advance with your GP. While your doctor may have heard of medical tourism, you may need to educate them further by sharing some of our educational materials. Doctors may have a sceptical initial reaction to medical tourism, but we find they often become more receptive once they look into the actual hospitals, provider credentials and cost savings.
Your surgeon will advise you about what you can and can’t do, depending on the procedure you have had performed. Health Travel Hungary offers a wast variety of leisure activities. May it be a city vibe or a country side hike, You name it we arrange it.
Yes. You are welcome to make your own flight and accommodation arrangements. However, if you’re not familiar with the destination, you may end up in a hotel that is not at the right location or doesn’t live up to the same standards you desired. If you choose to do you own booking ask our advice on the location beforehand.
Going overseas for medical treatment is a big decision. We recommend you book at least 1-3 months ahead to allow plenty of time for research, to make sure you can be treated by your preferred doctor, and to take advantages of the best prices on travel. However if you need to travel urgently, we can arrange your health travel with as little as 10-14 days’ notice.
No, if you are citizen of  the United States, Canada or the European Union. You only need to hold a valid passports to enter and leave and you will be granted for 90 days of stay.
Prior to departure make sure you have all the necessary contact numbers with you. You will receive a mobile phone at your destination to use throughout your stay, programmed with all the most important phone numbers. You’ll also be able to reach Health Travel Hungary through our website, email or direct phone line.
If you decide for any reason not to go ahead with your procedure after visiting the hospital and meeting your doctor, you are not obliged to proceed unless you feel 100% confident. You can cancel at any time without incurring a financial penalty.
We understand that occasions arise on short notice where appointments will need to be canceled or changed. Please notify us in advance as much as possible. Note that we reserve the right to impose a failure-to-show fee in some cases with missed notification.
At Health Travel Hungary we encourage you to bring companion with you if have a chance. The major benefit is the moral support and company which is always good, meanwhile they need to be aware that you may need to rest after some of the surgical procedures and can’t do as much with them as they might like. There are many programs to take part in and for the basic services there is no additional fee from us. If you do need to travel alone, we have you well looked after. Our Patient Care Team will be on hand to offer company and support along with other like minded patients.
During the medical quote process you will be asked to fill out a medical history form, ensuring that your doctor has the most up-to-date information on your health. Once you accept your quote, your health travel guide coordinates the transfer of any necessary medical records prior to any scheduled procedures. If there is a question you want clarify in advance you”ll have a chance to address it directly to our Doctors.
Definitely not. English is widely spoken around the hospitals and your chosen doctor and surgeon will be fluent in English. This includes nurses, medical and customer service staff. Your personal health travel assistant will also act as an interpreter.
You might be surprised to discover that you receive more care and attention at medical tourism hospitals than you would in a hospital back home.  Many medical tourism facilities invest heavily in personalised care.
Your experience with Health Travel Hungary does not end once your procedure is complete.
You will be contacted while you are in the hospital by your case manager to make sure your trip is going as planned. And upon your return, the Health Travel Hungary case management team will be in touch to make sure your expectations were met.
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