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Our Clinics.

Central Budapest Clinic

For a number of decades Hungarian dentistry enjoyed well deserved recognition, due to its highly trained practitioners. Our dental centre is part of this tradition and proud to offer high-quality dental treatment within tight time schedules, at affordable prices, always with a guarantee on our works.


At our Dental Centre we offer a full range of dental services combined with a unique private atmosphere. With one patient at a time in our clinic, we even welcome special private needs.

Working with a state of the art Dental Lab of over 20 highly qualified Dental Technicians we try to keep our costs as low as we can still without the compromise on the best quality available. We ensure professional treatment of the highest quality by experienced university tutors and clinical practitioners.

The materials we use are standard in Western European surgeries and our dental implants are produced by the world-leading Swedish, Israeli, Korean and Swiss manufacturers.

Our clinic is equipped with the highest standards of dental care. Our consulting room reflects the world of high-tech and complies with all EU standards. Here the latest technologies combined with our friendly, capable staff to create a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere.

Working together for years, our dedicated team aims to achieve high quality, patient-centered healing and improvement treatments.

Naturally, everybody wants to have a perfect smile and permanently healthy and beautiful teeth and expects dental treatment resulting in the fulfilment of these dreams.

Please take a look at our treatments and services and let us introduce to you our team of highly skilled professionals.





Northern Budapest Clinic

Our Dental surgery is located in one of the biggest and most prestigious hospital in Hungary. (Even the European training of NATO soldiers is done in this hospital.) It is equipped with appliances of European quality, has a highly qualified medical team, which is at your service five days a week in five dental surgery departments.

Our dental specialists support one another as members of a professional team. Therefore, treatments are always assigned to the best surgeon of the given speciality. Our team has specialists in preservatory dentistry, operative dentistry, periodontology, which deals with problems of the gum, and orthodontia. Our surgery is equipped with every device necessary for a precise diagnosis: panoramic roentgen, 3D dental CT. Dental CT is a state-of-the-art instrument, which is a great tool in implantation surgery as well. We have a prosthetist’s laboratory on the premises, therefore we provide a guarantee for any implants produced there.

We use the most advanced anaesthesia for dental surgery. Injections are given with Japanese made microneedles in order to reduce aversion as much as possible in patients sensitive to needles.

Our dental practice does not only provide the comfort of a private surgery but the expertise of dentists who have gained a great deal of experience in an instruction hospital. Owning to the infrastructure of the Hospital, even the time consuming, complex operations can be carried out on the premises. If requested, it can be executed under general anaesthesia monitored by an anaesthetist.

All our treatments are preceded by consultation, during which a dentist informs the patient of the alternatives, phases of the treatment, how much time it requires, technical implementation, and of course prices.


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