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Care & Support.

Patient Care Packages

If you are traveling to Hungary to any medical needs, Health Travel Hungary has several unique packages available.
By choosing Health Travel Hungary you will receive the highest level of care of the medical tourism industry.

This care will begin the moment you arrive to Budapest to being looked after by our personal care manager all the way you get on the plane returning you back home.


At you will find information form our doctors and clinics profile to help you choose the right procedure as well as information spending memorable times in this fascinating central European country.


Your Personal Case Manager

When you choose to book with Health Travel Hungary a friendly, knowledgeable local Hungarian will be assigned to you who knows everything there’s to know about Budapest and speaks fluent both English and Hungarian.

He/She will support you throughout your time in Hungary, will answer all of your questions and concerns and will able to show you the unique culture and history or cousin at your request.

Getting to Hungary

You choose the airline and arrival / departure time and we will do our best to book you the right hotel at the budget of choice and schedule your doctor’s appointments. Please inform us at least three days prior to your arrival to make sure all your needs will be taken care of at the highest level and at the lowest possible price.

Your Personal Travel Agent

At Health Travel Hungary our personal travel agents understand that you just had a medical attention, and will work with you to make sure you spend that time in comfort and in a safe and peaceful environment. Please don’t hesitate ask questions – we’d love to answer!

Reach your agent at his / her cell phone

One of the first things you will receive from your agent is a cell phone number! We understand that probably most of you have never been to Hungary before and a country with its own unique language and culture might be confusing. Your personal agent will try to make you feel home, will explain everything you need to know and will be available anytime for your needs.

Questions about a Service?

There can be areas you may want to have specific data. Always ask us on the topics you need more information on.

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Final Conclusion…

At Health Travel Hungary we are committed to connect you with the highest level of medical care, best clinics and most qualified doctors.

We appreciate very much your interest in Hungary, and we will do our best that you get not just a high level of medical care, but also you take home  once in a lifetime memories !

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