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Hungary as a part of the European Community is a well developed, modern and very safe democratic country. With a history of over a 1000 years (dating back to the foundation in A.D.896). Very rich in beautiful architecture and landscapes rare in the world. If you like good food You’ll Hungarian cusine! With one of a kind flavours and specialties called „Hungaricums“ something you don’t want to miss. For fine dining, among many high class places you will find 2 Michelin Star vining restaurants and the most beautiful Coffee Palace in the world which won the prestigious award in 2012.

What Hungarian inventors gave to the world? See both films:
-all the places in the videos are actually in Hungary-

Some typical Hungarian pictures:

Hungary is located in the heart of Europe sorrunded with other great countries you might wanna see once you’re here. The distances are lot smaller compared to U.S. so nothing is too far away. Have a wiener schnitzel in Wienna, Austria a pizza and coffee in Italy or for a Beer travel to Prague… the choice is Yours.

Hungarian folk Art at a Sydney catwalk:


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